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Bitcoin earnings
Bitcoin earnings
Cryptocurrency earnings
Cryptocurrency earnings
Bitcoin websites
Bitcoin websites
Crypto earnings
Crypto earnings
Crypto faucets
Crypto faucets
Crypto bank
Crypto bank - the site makes a direct withdrawal to the wallet. A good percentage for a referral system is 35% percent. Cryptocurrency earnings interval from 10 seconds to 60 minutes. For each cryptocurrency. Registration is minimally simple. You just need to enter your FaucetPay wallet email address. Earnings in 13 types of cryptocurrency - the site pays from 2 to 7000 Satoshi every five minutes. Upon reaching 1000 crane claims, the reward increases. Very good referral payout. Achievement rewards and earnings by watching PTC ads. Withdraw 1000 satoshi to and 20000 satoshi to direct bitcoin wallet in crypto bank - withdrawal game

Today, all "earnings on the Internet" comes down only to the form of "cryptocurrency mining" or "cryptocurrency faucet or website". Types of earnings on the Internet, such as "earnings on captcha" and "earnings on clicks", which were promoted at the beginning of the crypto sphere, quickly flew away somewhere. Now the relevance is only when to immediately withdraw to the wallet or with minimal accumulation (to withdraw in a day). Such crypto faucets and crypto sites are listed on my site and are updated frequently (so save the site data and visit from time to time). Below and at the top of the pages are websites and faucets for earning bitcoin with a full description of what is what. Have fun earning!!!

Cryptocurrency is an electronic currency that can be converted to the currency of your country and vice versa in online banks and wallets. Owners of sites, faucets, and other things make money on ads when a user views them. For this, the user receives a reward in the form of a cryptocurrency for a simple captcha or by solving a simple task. Many sites send cryptocurrency directly to your wallet. Some ask to dial a certain amount (usually not large), as the minimum threshold for withdrawal. This is fine.

What is a cryptocurrency

Earnings on cryptocurrency

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first coin in the crypto world. 1 Bitcoin is 100 million Satoshi. Satoshi are bitcoin pennies that pay for user actions. Bitcoin is the most expensive of the cryptocurrencies, which are now just a huge amount. Below is a list of all major cryptocurrencies and their pros and cons. Most sites and faucets have withdrawals in different types of cryptocurrencies for your convenience. This is to make it comfortable for you to earn in your favorite crypto.

Who are referrals

Referrals are like another way of earning cryptocurrency. Everything in our life is a pyramid. Cryptocurrency has not bypassed this fact. You invite acquaintances, relatives and friends through a referral link and get from 5% to 100% (there are also such boxes and taps) from their earnings. they invite their own, those of their own, and so on ad infinitum. The most persistent pay for advertising and create websites. We’ll talk about how it works and whether it works at all below. (If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t create a site).

Types of cryptocurrency

The fact that Bitcoin is the most popular and oldest cryptocurrency I wrote above. But there are thousands of types of cryptocurrencies. And there are cryptocurrencies in the rating, which, although not on par in terms of capital and price, have not gone far. I single out three cryptocurrencies according to their characteristics and convenience - Litecoin (Litecoin), Dogecoin (Dogecoin) and Tron (Tron, TRX)


Litecoin is one of my favorite types of coins. This cryptocurrency is withdrawn from faucetpay to the bank with the lowest commission. This has been proven over the years. Another important argument that applies to all cheap currencies: most sites with a large number of different cryptocurrencies have their own credit system for payouts. It is equivalent to a dollar. And on withdrawal from the site, the conversion from this equivalent goes into the equivalent of one or another cryptocurrency (it's not as difficult as it sounds. You just need to see it once). So, in cheap cryptocurrencies, the plus is that 700-800 satoshi are credited at a time, when in bitcoin 1.5-2. Likewise for the conclusion. That is, if you withdraw 3 cents, they will more accurately be credited to 0.00017368 litoshi than to 0.00000184 satoshi.

Dogecoin is famous for the fact that direct payout faucets pay very well in them. The capitalization of Dogecoin is the eighth according to statistics. Faucets pay steadily in it. By the way, when piercing cryptocurrencies, he is very firmly tired in relation to others (personal observation).


Tron coin is my third favorite currency. With him, in relation to Litecoin, the opposite is true. Purchase at a bank and transfer to FaucetPay with the lowest commission. From Exmo 1 Tron commission (~ 5 cents). This is very important for those who want to upload cryptocurrencies to sites to buy referral or other advertising. By the way, you will not receive such information on every (almost nowhere) site! But life hacks and long-term loopholes are only just beginning!!! So, in the footer there is a subscription to the news. Subscribe and receive new and relevant information.

Tron coin(TRX)

Earnings on referrals

Earnings on referrals is one of the passive types of earnings. But we must not forget that each of the V sites must be visited every 24 hours. Each Bitcoin site or cryptobook has its own rules. If, for example, in one site you just need a visit per day, then in others there are obligations to receive referral credits. Study the sites very carefully before starting this type of business!

Earnings on referrals inside bitcoin sites

Every site for earning Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies has internal advertising. But on some sites it is more expensive, on others it is cheaper. Somewhere there is more flow of people, but there are sites with a small number of views. You can only see it by running ads. As a rule, they advertise on one site another and vice versa. Everyone has their own system. There are two ways to attract referrals inside crypto sites:

  • Make a deposit and place an ad with a referral link

  • Earn enough money on a crypto site, transfer to a deposit account and also place an ad

There are no PTC ads on direct wallet faucets. But they can be advertised on websites. Crypto faucets also have a referral system.

Referral earnings with your website

The site has the largest and relatively inexpensive attraction of referrals. But creating and maintaining a website is a time-consuming and investment-intensive process. Only over time, investments in relation to the influx of referrals pay off well. If you create a website on your own, you will have to spend a lot of time learning how to create it, buying a domain and hosting space. It is advisable that you be accompanied by a mentor, regardless of your own experience. That is, it is very difficult at first. Or pay money and they will create it for you. There is a big plus in all this - traffic, respectively, and registration of referrals, can reach high rates and will quickly pay back all your investments of labor or money. There is no need to describe the system here. Referral links on the site, period!

Where can you get referrals

When it comes to attracting referrals, there are three main types of referrals. All of them are described in this section.

  1. Payment for transitions from one crypto site to another is a cost of finance

  2. Developing your own website is a waste of time, labor and finances or a large expenditure of finances

  3. Posting links on social networks and forums is a big waste of time

The latter is free, but very time consuming. You can create groups or channels in social networks and from time to time write interesting information about cryptocurrency and referral links to your pages on crypto sites. Also post information on forums and bulletin boards. Although this is free, it is not as effective as the first two. Unless you will post and update ads for days. The result can be high with perseverance!

What is crypto trading, mining and deposits

Cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency trading is the work with operations on cryptocurrency price fluctuations. Simply put, earnings on the fall and rise of Bitcoin and altcoins. Transactions are of three types:

  • short term

  • medium

  • long term

Each of the transactions has a place to be. Where and what are needed - only experience shows. The purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies is carried out on cryptocurrency exchanges. There are a lot of them. Training is present in almost every one of them.

Cloud mining

Cloud mining is, as a rule, buying online or offline the power of video cards. Be careful! Work only on those sites or buy power only on recommendations! 80% of such offers are scams and you should not trust any site. Even if you are very strongly lured.

Here the statistics are much sadder. 99% of cryptocurrency deposits are a complete scam and there is no certainty that you will get your Satoshi back. Everything that increases your fortune by at least 10% per day, there are offers for 100 or more, will not bring any profit. Your funds will also end up in someone else's wallet. If you decide on a crypto deposit - demand a legal agreement, but rather visit the office of the company (if there is one).

Cryptocurrency deposits